FRANK J BENNETT was born and raised in beautiful Baltimore County Maryland. A child of the 1960's and 1970's. It was in The State of Maryland that the majority of his experiences with The Paranormal occured. Frank went on to apply himself to many occupations, most of which proved to be simple trial and error, as we all tend to do in life. But along the way Frank managed an interesting life, eventually becoming a Graduate of Bible Studies from Liberty University, to add to certifications in other areas of expertise.

 Professionally, Frank has aquired almost 17 years experience in the demolition field, to which he eventually became a demolition contractor.  Having been semi-retired from the demolition business Frank has turned to writing about matters which interest him, and created the webpage,, which follows current news and events for sake of teaching Bible Prophecy with unique views on what's going on in the world today. He also has taken to writing about his experiences with The Paranormal, The Cryptozoological, and The Extraterrestrial, producing the groundbreaking work "Encounter with The Aberdeen Wildman, A true story."

  Frank currently tours the country, appearing at many types of live events and conventions as a speaker and conducting his Paranormal Town hall, which he invites anyone to an open forum in which they can share their own experiences with The Paranormal.

 Personally, Frank is happily married (unless she gets mad) 27 years to the same blue-eyed gal. Frank lives in Ohio and has no children (at least not that he knows of) and enjoys swimming, writing, kayaking, etc.